37-year old Benecio del Toro had been celebrating his nomination for Best Supporting Actor in . Before Brangelina or even Braniston, there was Brad and Juliette.

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Everyone is different but I 100% percent agree, this aint just about sex (if at all for some), there are so many easier ways to tag someone lol. If the Daddy is not interested in developing a relationship where they know their little/middle inside and out and understand it aint all roses and fuzzy collars..need to re-evaluate life choices. I am a middle, when I had a Daddy, I would get short tempered with his attempts to coddle me. Pet names and sweet talk annoyed me 80 percent of the time.

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This guy had already managed to hurt me, in the space of just two weeks. We spoke for hours about everything, from our damaged childhoods to jobs to exes to first kisses.

It's full of charts and facts and figures and instructions for dancing. a film who can remains, as few drops in memory only for the cinnamon taste of last scenes.

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