Xcode resources folder not updating

Remove and add the platform can be avoided, I've added them for the people that had copy/pasted the icon and splashcreen to the platform folder, if you haven't done that the third step would be enough.

As @rahianeja said since 17th January (Cordova released version 6.5.0) it is using the last version of cordova-android with the bug fixed, so, it's no longer needed the 'update' trick.

no other solution worked for me, not even --clean-cache. @agupta-q4 for now I would write a custom gulp task that includes ionic build android and then copies and replaces the res folder to the proper place.

If I change my icon/splashscreen colors and run the resources command, it recreates the images. really annoying happened: One of the of Androids' resources was corrupted, which caused an error when building the apk.

If I try to use the old ones, it relies on caching. Are you trying to fetch those resources for another machine by re-running the resources command? I update (change colors, bevel, gradients) the icon with GIMP, run the resources tool and see that it does not pull from cache... Afterwards when I search the platform/ and resources/ folders for the new icon.png, the old one is still there and the new one only gets added to the drawable folder. WHY would you cache images on a development platform when they are most likely going to be updated VERY frequently. On Mac, "ionic resources --icon" generates the icons but these don't get picked up Xcode. Because of the server-side cache / checksum-check, i always got the corrupted images when running I'm having this same issue.

I don't mind so much about that, I just want things to be organized while I am working on my project.

I think this is where that 'build rule' thing comes in, but I'm not sure how or what to do. Now, anything you put in the images group will automatically go into the images directory.

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