Who is tj lavin dating

It was one of those “we don’t want to give up the time slot but we don’t have a real show, so here is our recap show” shows. The TEEJ’s calm counterbalances the psychosis that surrounds him.

After she eviscerated her “best friend” Cara Maria for THE SECOND TIME on national television, they have stopped talking to each other. Awkward silences translate really well to reality television.

This week we learned that the inverse is true as well: When Cara Maria refused to quit even though she had fractured her hand, T. was clearly appreciative, smiling a little Mona Lisa smile. In the same way it always comes down to the Heat and the Spurs, it always comes down to Bananas and CT.

Here he is dragging Devyn by the arms through the water even though he is about 30 minutes off the lead: I always liked this guy, ever since his fight with Hurricane Nia, in which he took his pants off and used his small genitalia as a conflict-resolution tactic.

Let’s start this week’s that being an introvert would hinder one’s ability to host a stupid reality TV program, but ONE WOULD BE WRONG. doesn’t play the games, he doesn’t break up the fights, he doesn’t get involved.

is the camp counselor to the cast’s unruly campers.

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