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An exception is 'A World of Our Own: Songs of the Seekers' - which was a 1996 compilation CD from some excellent Australian female performers, including Nichaud Fitzgibbon, Ruby Hunter, Kerri Simpson and Blue House - although two of my personal favorite tracks are probably by the relatively unknown Jo Franklin ('Georgy Girl') and Mama Hoho (Clare de Bruin, Chris Falk, Kerry Gilmartin) ('A World of Our Own'). I've seen Shelby a bunch of times in small venues as well.The BEST THING Shelby Lynne could do for her career at this point is COME OUT AS A LESBIAN. You're never going to be a country music star anyway. As far as talented, I saw Shelby a few years ago at Stephen's Talkhouse in Amagansett and she was phenomonal! Very deep in her own head when she plays, looks uncomfortable with an audience, but the real deal as a musician.She is promoting a new CD of Dusty Springfield covers. Ellen introduces her as "my friend, Shelby Lynne" when she appears on the show.When the reporter mentions that Springfield was a lesbian and that gay rumors have followed Shelby for years, she says: "I've done everything on every corner of the universe, but I'm not going to make an announcement about it."Your thoughts? At least Shelby doesn't seem insulted now when the topic comes up.Jorja Fox is producing a show about her in LA in February at the LA Gay and Lesbian Center. I'm thinking I might check out this Dusty Springfield CD ....read about it while on the exercise bike at the gym.She's also getting the best album sales of her career. She's admitted, at the very least, to being bisexual.I don't think we can crucify her for not putting a label on herself.

No doubt the Advocate reporter asked the "same" questions anyone else would have, but she had her answers after two or three questions, but she just kept going.

Don't fuck this opportunity up.[quote]I remember an old thread about gays in country music that had some interesting stories about her, but I can't remember the details? There is nothing new revealed or sung or musically inventive. Really, get some background or go back to deaf school.."We talk before and after group and he once mentioned Shelby Lynne and said: (1) she is the biggest mess he's ever met in the music business; (2) that she also has a sister [I think] who is a total mess; (3) she is ridiculously talented and nice, when she is sober/clean and (4) she is a lesbian."It may be known here already that her father killed her mother and then himself when Shelby and her sister (the only children) were teenagers and they were in the house when it happened. Nothing staged about her, although clearly her management tried for awhile after the success of I Am Shelby Lynne, when they were parading her around in pretty ultra-straight dresses and hair.

She was known for her drunkenness and for stealing her producer's wife. Okay, this is a tenuous connection BUT I am in relapse prevention group therapy and one of my fellow recovering addicts is a former editor of Rolling Stone Magazine. And the mumbling, she makes Patti sound like Professor Higgins! She looked like an 8 year tomboy unhappily dressed up for Easter, fighting it the whole way.[quote]Is she still with Betty Bottrell? Shelby's making such a big deal when she already acknowledges she has been with Betty for 8 years, depend on each other for everything in life and they live together. Shelby may be a piece of work, but she's undeniably sexy. "I guess we were just there at the right time for each other.

Shelby is friends with Ellen and Portia, who've been interviewed for the same mag.

She knew exactly what to expect, so she was obviously okay with that line of questioning until the day of the interview.

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