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Even though the show continued to evolve, and the characterizations developed more resonance, one aspect of the show that remained enigmatic at times was the nature of the relationship between Matt Dillon and Miss Kitty.It's been argued that they were lovers the entire time of the series, while others view the relationship more as a platonic friendship.Blake's amazing monologue has always blown me away and I'm surprised it hasn't been acknowledged or written about more often by television fans and critics.Leaning back against the wall, while looking straight off into the distance, Kitty recalls her arrival in Dodge City: "Seventeen years ago this month. When I stepped off that stagecoach, and saw those ugly buildings, all those muddy streets, I hated Dodge City.Kitty, Festus (Ken Curtis) and Newly (Buck Taylor) also accompany Doc and Matt on their journey. the train is hijacked by a band of outlaws determined to steal the U. In order to protect Matt from being killed by a vengeful Sinclair, Doc lies to the outlaws that Matt is a patient under his care who has died and that his name is Walters.A shifty female prisoner being escorted by law enforcement officials back to Denver named Beth Tipton (Katherine Justice) correctly deduces Matt's identity and begins taunting Kitty that she'll reveal the truth to Sinclair if it will ensure that he will take her along with him once he is finished looting the train. When I got on the train, I heard the conductor say his name was Dillon. If the name isn't Walters, then maybe he isn't dead either." Amanda Blake's low-key, poker faced reaction to this threat helps underscore Kitty's level of concern and love for Matt.

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I think such a tactic would deprive the show of the air of mystery and wonderment that defines the relationship between Matt and Kitty.

I'll never forget that first day as long as I live. I was down to my last forty dollars and it couldn't have taken me much further. I waded over to the cafe and was hurrying through breakfast so I could get back on the stage.

Then a man came in and he sat down across the room from me.

James Arness and Amanda Blake wisely played their scenes together with restraint and warmth, yet infused with genuine sexual chemistry, so that it worked on multiple levels as both a friendship and a romance.

Arness himself acknowledged in an interview before his death that the series intentionally kept their relationship alternately vague and unresolved because the producers felt that allowing them to have a full-blown on-screen relationship would drastically change the nature of the show.

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