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The little man and his girlfriend, y2Katy Doodle Bug, live in the ultimate kennel on a remote farm in the mountains of East Tennessee.Pop-i is now eight years old and possesses the energy level of a [email protected]Feist Music's Pleasure Studies is also excellent.🎙️ #Podcasts For The People buff.ly/2GNYEVg pic.twitter.com/js Jw YSd Hn7 Pleasure Studies, Episode 5: Century: The Cosmic Elastic Band Listen now at or wherever you get your podcasts. Wortmann, Joy Simmonds Produced by @Rachel Matlow and @Vee Simmonds pic.twitter.com/we J3Irg VHG Pleasure Studies, Episode 4: Born to Bond: Modern Intimacy Is On Acid Listen now at or wherever you get your podcasts.Ft Mutamba and Olivia, @Joanna Angel and @thesmallhands_, @Lucia OSullivan1 Produced by @robbielackritz pic.twitter.com/LMKHHwsdc W Pleasure Studies, Episode 3: Young Up: Aspirational Bragging Rights Listen now at or wherever you get your podcasts.becu.us/2WZk6Rg pic.twitter.com/rm Nxf BUx QO Second #podcast column is here!I fell down a deep, deep @dissectpodcast / @SYSKPodcast hole....She is a wonderful pet, and I highly recommend this breed to anyone looking for an active, fun, loving dog.

The feet are small and compact, with arched toes and thick pads. If the dog is on a lead it must be made to heel beside or behind the person holding the lead, as in a dog's mind the leader leads the way, and that leader needs to be the human.Ft @kittieknauer @thegrindmother @Greta Pontarelli @brucegrierson, Scarlett and Anabel Produced by @Rachel Matlow pic.twitter.com/Qm7M9d Yh Lv Super excited to be a part of this incredible braiding of stories highlighting how perseverance can help us be who we were always meant to be.Check out @Feist Music new podcast - I'm in this episode! What's better than a bit (or a lot) of wine and tickets to a show at @Mountain Winery? I've come such a long way from the fear I felt. 3 of us talk about coming to ourselves despite mental health, immigration status, and gender identity. I’ve woven my story and vulnerability into my own radio stories, but this time I surrendered my recollections and reflections to other producers.Based on Emily Wilson’s lucid & remarkable translation of Homer’s Odyssey. @eariosnetwork @Talkhouse pic.twitter.com/dpyqd6k DCm Pleasure Studies, Episode 6: The Wind: Only Seen By Who It Moves Listen now at or wherever you get your podcasts. Sept., ab Uhr, Stage Operettenhaus → Programm: bit.ly/2OPYVxt pic.twitter.com/N5Tqc VGJii Your Sunday, Aug.pic.twitter.com/vr4Uc7iwq G Pleasure Studies Episode 7 I Wish I Didn’t Miss You: Rock Bottom Ft Rachel Jeffs, Attiya Khan, and Tom Stranger (with permission from Thordis Selva) Listen wherever you get your podcasts. Ft @Tornado Greg, @Sara Sailing USA, Grandma Jacqui Produced by @Rachel Matlow pic.twitter.com/EE5a X1k GTt Eröffnung #rbf19 mit diesen tollen Leuten: @Feist Music, @joydenalane, @dopelemonmusic, @_Charlotte Roche, @raycokes sowie der @ANCHOR_Award Jury! 11 plans are booked: Tag a friend and head to the grassy @woodlandparkzoo's Zoo Tunes lawn to see @feistmusic with special guest @rhye.

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