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“In fact, I own it now and I am so glad that I have a voice to be able to help people with it.” The dancer hopes that her candor about dealing with the endometriosis will help other women know they don't have to go through it silently on their own.Traditionally, endometriosis it thought to occur when the endometrial tissue making up the inner uterine lining begins to grow around pelvic organs outside the uterus, like the ovaries and fallopian tubes, which usually causes severe pain that peaks during your period.And better yet, since having the “endometriosis talk” with Laich, Hough realized that she doesn’t have to deal with it alone."He rubs my back while I'm going through my thing, knowing that it's going to pass, but like he's not freaked out anymore.And now he feels like he's contributing to helping,” the 29-year-old said.“Lots of women have pain with intercourse as a symptom, so they don’t want their partner to know that the intercourse is painful and have that impact their relationship,” Dr. And some patients fear that the increased risk for infertility that comes with endometriosis will negatively impact their partner’s view of them.“Many of my patients who are in their thirties or forties often don’t want their partners to know because they’re concerned that [their potential fertility issues] could be a factor in their relationship,” Dr. This anxiety can also weigh on women not in long-term relationships who are dating.Case-in-point: Even Hough, an outspoken advocate for endometriosis awareness, initially kept her condition from her partner, she recently revealed to alum says that she hid her endometriosis from now-husband Brooks Laich, who she started dating in 2014 and married in July 2017, because she viewed herself as a “competitor” who could conquer whatever life threw at her—all by herself.

alum’s attempt at stealthiness is lost on Laich, he sweetly tells her and the camera: “One hundred percent. Before you were even my girlfriend, I measured your ring.” Hough also took to the social media app to share more loved-up selfies as they brought their romance to the streets of Paris.

However, more often than not we see celebrity relationships go awry thanks to a bitter breakup or divorce being played out in the media, and these days, the less-famous partner doesn’t just fade into oblivion: They become stars in their own right.

Or, in the cases of semi-famous folks like Julianne Hough and Kris Humphries, their profiles skyrocket thanks to their high-profile relationships and splits.

"As hard as it was for me to let go of that control, it's actually amazing."So, Hough encourages other women to consider sharing their diagnosis with loved ones when they feel ready.

"Whether that's your significant other, your family, a friend, your coworkers, whatever it may be this should not be something that you should be afraid of,” she said.

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