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March, 40, learned of the betrayal shortly after Thanksgiving, said actress/writer Maia Madison.The boyishly handsome 50-year-old Food Network star had for three years been seeing 28-year-old Elyse Tirrell, a singer/actress who worked as a hostess at the chef’s Bar Americain in Midtown in 2008 and became his assistant, she said. “She came to my house and was sobbing uncontrollably,’’ Madison recalled.This specific allegation was in a letter sent from one attorney in this case to the other.It was written and then leaked specifically to try to insert this story into the press, and that’s unfortunate.Everyone suspected the marriage with Stephaine March, and Bobby Flays would last.

After ten years of a successful marriage, Flay was caught cheating on Stephanie.In 1996 they shared a daugther while the couple went their separate ways in 1998 just after three years of their marriage.His daughter’s name is Sophie Flay, and she is incredibly close to her father and appears in many of his social media posts and shows.Not all nice things are meant to last, unfortunately, after merely two years of marriage, they split in 1993.Flay met Kate Connelly in 1995 and was already a divorced man.

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