Who is beyonce father dating

When Beyoncé and Jay Z first started dating, they did it so quietly no one even noticed.The two met when Beyoncé was only 18, and for a long time they were simply friends.With plenty of scandals threatening to put an end to their partnership, it’s almost surprising the Carters are still going strong after 16 years together.There is however a lot of mystery and unanswered questions involved behind the scenes of their seemingly glamours life together, and both have had to make sacrifices to move past them and get to where they are today.

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The wedding took place on April 4th 2008, and the number four has continued to play a big part in their relationship.

Beyonce said once in a interview,'that if it was not for her mom and dad she would have not been here!

Knowles does have a mom named Tina Knowles she is Beyonce clothes designer!

The most commonly referred-to person by that name alone is a R&B singer originally from Houston, Texas, and was a member of Destiny's Child before releasing many successful solo albums. Tina and Mattew(father of Beyonce) are still togther... Beyonce did sing at a political gathering for president Bush, but she is not a Republican.

' Beyonce works with her mom with derion a clothing line by Beyonce and Tina(mom of beyonce). Beyonce has publicly stated that she voted for Barack Obama, who is a member of the democratic party.

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