Where in the bible does it talk about interracial dating

Whenever I would ask them about why it is that I cannot date/marry someone of a different race, they always tell me that "God has made different races for a reason." ' Till this day, that's the only arguement they seem to give me.I've had a civil conversation about this with my mother in the car tonight, and she told me that although Jesus told us to love others, that the Bible also tells us to stick with our own race (what? She also said that interracial kids are most likely to be made fun of for having two parents of different color (point given, but still).People of color, in this twisted interpretation of the Bible, are soulless beings made by God on the sixth day as “beasts of the field.” Adam’s descendants? “Christian Identity has it all worked out who’s the lower people. But most of Branham’s modern adherents certainly believe that miscegenation is a sin decreed by God.Happy Valley’s Pastor Reagan compares people to corn: “If corn was raised in a certain way, yellow corn, don’t mix it with white corn.

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Most Christian Identity followers also posit that Eve mated with Satan, starting, through the birth of her first son Cain, the line of biologically Satanic people who today call themselves the Jews.

It’s a loose confederation, says Walker, with churches geographically scattered in places including Louisiana, Indiana and Arizona.

Branham is extolled as an apostle himself, practically a god, in these churches.

From far, far right field, Reagan draws the C-card.

“You mean to tell me,” he demands, outraged, “that Communism has infiltrated our message, not through Stalin, not through Mussolini, but through mixed marriage?

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