Video gamer dating website

“It’s very intuitive, but we will still listen to feedback once we launch so we can update it if many users say, ‘It would be cool if you had this,’” Casey said.

“The idea of the app is to focus on the member and the gaming aspect of their life.” The LFGdating team has been focusing most of its time and energy on the app, so they’re looking forward to the big push.

With today’s privacy and data concerns, many online daters fear their information will be sold or shared in a way that could be embarrassing, bothersome, or dangerous.

Casey said part of the company’s ethos is to take members’ safety seriously. We don‘t sell email lists, and we’ve been this way since the beginning,” he said.

At first, the site had an app, but Casey and Patrick weren’t pleased with how it worked, so they developed it further.

“We pulled the app because we didn’t like the functionality,” Casey said.

“The big push the first half of the year will be ensuring that our app does two things well: listens to users and responds to them.

Pat and I have a quarterly meeting where we talk through bigger topics,” he said.

“The experience helped me with buying a home and doing finance, too.

Casey and Patrick wanted to make it easier for gamers to find compatible partners.

They’ve accomplished that — and then some — through LFGdating, and they take their commitment to users seriously.

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