Updating virtuemart

Since OPC 2.0.304 we are adding a new feature into OPC that supports additional address to be shown at the checkout which can be especially usefull for Telecommunication companies where customer's Bill To, Ship To and Installation Address is required.To enable the third address, mark your address fields within Shopper Fields tab at One Page Checkout backend.

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OPC Latest Updates 19.9.2017 IMPORTANT: Joomla 3.8 was just released and due to the core changes, it requires OPC 2.0.346 and later that can be downloaded at our download section 14.9.2017 Get your checkout ready for Christmas with upgraded OPC Order Tracking functionality which is now processing Paypal transactions even when IPN comes after user lands the Thank you page 10.8.2017 Added a full implementation of Facebook Pixel tracking to OPC Tracking feature 30.4.2017 Updated Ajax search to support VM3.2.2.

17.7.2015 Major update for OPC's Shopper group features with lot's of updates in OPC EU VAT checker.

Lot of of OPC related plugins are now bundled in the single OPC installer file (ajax search pro, ulozenka shipping method, mailchimp and other) 17.3.2015 Added new Checkbox products, so you can add a checkboxes to your checkout which will alter the totals.

Since Virtuemart 2.0.20 there is a new One Page Checkout feature included in the core Virtuemart.

We decided to compare the inbuilt One Page Checkout soluton with our own extension.

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