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His poison keeps enemies back in, his super incredibly versatile and he definitely does take back his throne. For duo showdown, most showdown maps are very open and Piper poses really the biggest threat from a long-range.

A duo partner can actually help balance from melee burn former ability making her a great option.

But on these open maps, her turret is very susceptible to Brock and on closed maps is really susceptible to throwers, so it’s kind of difficult.

Penny: Penny’s moving from non ranked up into the A tier and these are actually really close to moving up into the S tier position.Brock: We have Brock is replacing Carl as the golden S tier brawler.Various tanks are also really great options like Bull, but Brock usually is the go-to consistent brawler.Powerful ranged gem carriers that can keep their distance from Gene’s pool are now able to be played a lot more effectively because of Gene’s nerf.This actually fits Bo perfectly especially after his recent buff with a supercharged and his hack damage.

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