Updating motorstorm

JB: How has the ‘Festival’ campaign been fine-tuned?

PR: Many of you told us that “the Festival gets too tricky too quickly” and the stats we see from the game backed this up, highlighting 23 races in particular that only a small percentage of people were able get all three medals on compared to the other races at that stage of the campaign.

Motor Storm Update 3.1 provides the following changes: * 2 music tracks added to your playlist – ‘Devils Crossing’ by Elite Force and ‘Beat The Devil’ by Jiffster (Featuring Bard) * Mirror Mode added as a host setting for Online games – you can now host matches on mirrored versions of all tracks.

* New streamlined vehicle select – Host can designate 2D or 3D vehicle select for online matches.

Beginning today, Motor Storm RC fans will have access to new tracks to try out for free, experience fun and more accessible races, the chance to share challenges whenever you like, and recover lost medals!

Please note that it can take up to an hour for the update to be available in all territories.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to Motor Storm RC or if you’ve been playing from the start: This update makes Motor Storm RC better for you and your friends.Jamie Brayshaw: What does the update do for Motor Storm RC?Paul Rustchynsky, Game Director: There’s been lots of activity in Motor Storm RC and there have been lots of stories shared about it, which we’ve been paying very keen attention to as we’ve continued to enhance and improve the game since it came out.If the website becomes a well – known one, this will a motivation push me to continue updating more free games, sharing to people. Motor Storm RC — one of the most popular PSN games of the year — has just received a community-focused update and I’m here to give you all the details!

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