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However, if you want a Managed Metadata column to be reusable and broadly useful for others who may be creating new site content types or configuring lists and libraries, then you might want to create it as a site column.How and where you create Managed Metadata columns should be factored into your organization-wide planning for managed metadata, content types, document management, and site governance.When users update a Managed Metadata column, they can type the value they want, or they can click the tags icon that displays next to the Managed Metadata field to launch the term picker dialog box, which they can use to select a value from within the hierarchy of the term set.This is useful to users who may not be familiar with the terms that are available.

If the term set is still in development, or is not otherwise ready for use, you might want to clear the check box. Do this if you want several words or phrases with the same meaning to be treated as a single entity for the purposes of metadata management.To add multiple synonyms, type a word, and then press ENTER to create additional lines.For example, if you are creating a term for the color “blue” and “blue” is the default label for the term, you could add “azure,” “sapphire,” “indigo,” and “cobalt” as possible synonyms.Your instance automatically has access to the metadata server API without any additional authorization.The metadata server is particularly useful when used in combination with startup and shutdown scripts because you can use the metadata server to programmatically get unique information about an instance, without additional authorization.

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