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The current version contais a flaw that can be used by a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code on the CVS server under the user id the CVS server runs as.

Anonymous read-only access is sufficient to exploit this problem.

We just discovered a cool open-source system that offers exactly that: Indigo Perl from Indigo Star Software.

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In his own context, he's absolutely right: Limit IT to Wintel, and IT doesn't matter; step outside his assumptions, however, and he's dead wrong.

Now, with the release of SGI Altix 350, a new Intel Itanium 2 and 64-bit Linux OS-based server, SGI is trying to make a major impact on the landscape of the .6 billion midrange segment of this market. The 0 machines are available from the Lindows Web site and at several computer sellers across the United States.

Mixing two of the hottest tech trends -- notebook computers and the Linux operating system -- Taiwanese computer maker Elite Group and San Diego, California-based Lindows have announced the deployment of more than 300,000 Linux-based laptops to the U. A few years ago, the only IT system I wasn't responsible for at a multimillion-dollar company consisted of a SCO server with an ancient accounting application maintained by the remaining representative of the company that had originally sold it.

Ah, but the Linux penguin, there's a bird that could really drive an industry.

"The little guy hasn't been very active in coding the actual kernel, but he sure as hell has made for a very recognizable mascot," says Linux creator Linus Torvalds.

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