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It both follows Dragging a file from Solution Explorer onto an open document will automatically insert a triple-slash reference at the top of the document.By adding this reference, Visual Studio will now always include Intellisense coming from the referenced file, regardless of any other conditions.The three I remember being discussed were: By including all files in Intellisense means that there is potential for a lot of false positives.By that I mean that you'll get Intellisense coming from files that are not loaded on the same page as the file you're currently editing.This is the story of how it works and why it even exist.

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Loading all files automatically in Intellisense also came with additional issues. The more files to parse, the heavier Intellisense became and it could hurt the user experience. The new editor runs all the code, so correct ordering of when to run each file was an important factor for accuracy.

The issue with explicitly referencing other files is that you'll end up adding reference to j Query more or less on all your files. It was important to keep the burden on the user at a minimum, so a global reference cache was needed. This file must (by default) be located in a folder at the root called /scripts/. Any file located at /scripts/_is automatically added to global Intellisense.

This is now the only file we need for triple-slash references.

We didn't want a setting, since Visual Studio doesn't have per-project settings. So we introduced a new triple-slash concept – auto-sync.

It looks like this and is located at the very top of _references.js: This new auto-sync comment is all it takes to enable automatic synchronization of triple-slash references.

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