Updating firmware for dvd players

If you're a little wary of doing something like this yourself, ask a techie friend who is familiar with this sort of thing to give you a hand. If the burn seems to have completed successfully and you feel like checking the disc after burning the ISO image and are concerned that the PC is unable to read the disc, don't be alarmed.

DHCP) and do the following: 1) Turn DHCP to ON 2) Turn DNS to ON 3) Move cursor to highlight the Confirm button in Yellow and press OK Exit out of the setup menu and remove any disc that may be in the HD DVD player. You should then be able to update to the latest firmware via the Setup menu (General -- ISO Burning Software: Use a CD only to burn the ISO image and not a DVD. This is perfectly normal, just follow the instructions below to update the firmware.

4) Place the firmware update disc on the tray and close the disc drawer.

The player will indicate Loading as the firmware update disc is initially read.

The disc tray will automatically open upon completion of the firmware update. Re-initialize your player after the firmware update has completed (go back in the maintenance menu to do this).

The unit will shut off with the tray in the open position. 13) Turn the player on by pressing the On / Standby button on the front of the unit. Settings will then be reset back to default so you may need to change a few things back to where you had them before. Kudos to Midnight for taking the time to compile the best and most accurate instructions for how to update players for all the new HD DVD owners out there. Kudos to Cass for answering my request to make this a sticky to help all the new owners who come here.

The Diamond Data Rewriteable drives have their programs stored in on-board flash memory. Upgrades are released from time to time to improve the performance of the DVD Rewriters or resolve specific issues.

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Toshiba HD DVD Firmware ISO Downloads - Canadian Site Toshiba HD DVD Firmware ISO Downloads - American Site 1) Confirm that the player is connected to a television.

5) The players front display will indicate Ver Up and the on-screen display will indicate Do you want to update the version?

6) If Yes is not already selected (Highlighted in yellow) select Yes" by using the cursor left button on the remote control. 8) If you receive a message Error code : 2007c5c2 on the TV, this indicates you are using an incorrect firmware version.

Updating the firmware on your new HD DVD player is a lot easier than you may think.

You can update your player to the latest firmware by either 1) the ethernet port (connecting the player to the internet since there is an ethernet port on the back of all HD DVD players for this), or by 2) manually downloading the firmware ISO and burning it to a CD ROM.

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