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If you have 100% coverage, you will have to pay the €20 daily fee.If you do pay upfront, you will need to apply for reimbursement by submitting your "bulletin de sortie" (proof of hospitalization which you will receive upon discharge) to the local health insurance fund ("caisse d'assurance maladie") that covers the geographic area in which you were hospitalized.Extensive medical treatment costing 120 euros or more, or procedures assigned a coefficient of 60 or above, are reimbursed 100%.However, you will need to pay an 24-euro flat-rate charge for one or more procedures performed by the same practitioner during a single visit, whatever the actual cost of the procedure.However, they may be covered by your "mutuelle" or other supplementary insurance.If you will be needing kidney dialysis or oxygen therapy during your stay, you should make an appointment with a local specialist centre before you come to France.Conventionné practitioners fall into one of 2 categories : (primary care physician) from whom they must obtain a referral before seeing a specialist.To prove that the healthcare pathway isn't applicable to you and avoid paying any additional charges, you should show the doctor (whether a general practitioner or specialist) your European Health Insurance Card or Provisional Replacement Certificate.

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Part of the cost, known as the *These out-of-pocket charges may not total more than €50 in any given calendar year.

If you see a doctor prior to being hospitalized, your practitioner can recommend a facility that will meet your needs, with consideration for quality of care.

You are advised to check the rates of the hospital you are considering as well as the amounts you will be reimbursed as some facilities charge extra fees that are not covered by the French social security system.

If you are insured (or a beneficiary of the insured) under the social security system of an EU member state, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, or Switzerland, you may be covered for any medically necessary healthcare you receive while visiting France, regardless of whether you are working, unemployed, a resident or a retiree.

Before your departure, you should apply for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with your local health insurance fund.

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