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Future NHL defenceman Dunc Munro played for this team.

In 1957, the House System was established, with three of four houses named after the school's first three headmasters - Crawford, Althouse, and Lewis.

The fourth house, Cody, was named after a former president of the University of Toronto.

The 1960s were a "turbulent" decade in the history of UTS.

Unlike most protests, the placards that the protesters held were blank; when headmaster Mac Murray asked for their demands, a student famously showed him a blank sheet of paper and stated, "This is a list of our demands." The protest was front page news in Toronto newspapers and was widely reported in the U. an advantage that was enjoyed until the 2003 double cohort.

The Executive Council was formed in 1968 to provide a liaison between students and staff.

Some of the Executive Council's first recommendations were implemented in 1969, including making Latin optional after grade 11 and introducing non-numerical grades for Arts and Music courses.

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Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.UTS will admit approximately 24 students, the average size of a class, for grade 9, and a handful at grade 10 and 11.Aside from a few cases, UTS rarely admits new students for grade 8.Although matriculation exams would eventually be abolished in the 1960s, UTS students had been calling for change since the late 1930s in the form of valedictory addresses and protests.Addresses in 19 targeted the tendency for matriculations to reduce "a tangible desire for knowledge", producing instead "a mind that cannot think for itself". At the turn of the decade, UTS developed a "New Program", which focused on completing subjects ("units") for graduation instead of matriculations.

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