Template changes not updating validating a date in java

The template should only contain the open tasks and the ones which were completed since the last status E-mail was sent. We were able to come up with an innovative solution which tested well in the QA environment, and we believe that this will be acceptable by the customer (according to their technical specs).

Many PM’s conducts a short morning session with the key team members of the project, in order to review what was done so far and agree on the next steps.

Since managers’ are often required to represent their subordinates, they must be kept up-to-date regarding the open tasks which they are handling at any given moment.

The following E-mail and template should be sent to the managers if an update is available, without a specific request by the manager!

The E-mail should contain the PM’s suggestion of what it should contain, and the stakeholder needs to give their input.

After that, click on the cell and paste your formula into the formula bar and hit enter.

I cannot seem to get the document's styles to update to the template's changes.

Usually changing the "Workbook Calculation" option (Excel 2010) solves the problem, but if it didn't, probably the workbook itself is set to manual calculation.

No major issues have come up since the last E-mail was sent on 31-Jul-2017.

Please reply to this E-mail if you require any further clarifications, or wish to raise an issue for us to take care of.

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