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However, those who have tried playing it complain about poor level of graphics.

The overall impression of Summer Lesson isn’t positive because it tends to be slow and boring.

You nod your head or you display your disagreement.

The girl shown talks to you in a slow and unnatural manner. The game looks pretty nice when you watch a video trailer.

Summer Lesson is an interesting experiment in the world of video games.

You’re going to interact with the game through nodding your head.

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If you’re one of those who expect Summer Lesson Oculus Rift version, you’re going to be disappointed because Bandai Namco Games will not release anything like this. Samsung won’t support Summer Lesson and there’re no reasons to wait for such an opportunity in the future. You must have skills in several tests to different topics (history, computer, sport and so on).for more, please see my actual reviews to the games. But, the lack was first, NOT ME HAVE RE - USE MORE THAN ONLY ONE TIME THE SAME STORYLINES AND GAME TOPICS, - the author was it.Since she is going to learn Japanese she calls you sensei.The whole interaction with the game is performed through “yes” or “no”.

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