Subconscious mind dating

It continues in comfort, in seduction, and after you have sex with her… In other words, don’t just demonstrate these traits. Being a “survivor.” The reason this “value” is valuable is because it’s a benefit to her.

You’re someone who can take care of her and protect her. Trigger these switches and you trigger a primal urge in her to have a masculine man in her life.

He argued there are 5 attraction switches in the female mind.

And he found that any man who systematically triggers these switches over and over again will get some serious indicators of interest from a woman.

You have value for other women, so you must have value for her. If you don’t have girls to roll with, be talking to everyone in the bar or lounge. Women see this, and they want to be where the excitement is. This is the practice of “Willingness to emote.” If you want to take this step further, learn a musical instrument.

When you’re first starting out, get good at triggering these 5 attraction switches for at least 25 minutes.

25 minutes because that’s the time frame from opening a group to C1 or building comfort with her.

Second, in this state of love, think about the qualities you want in a partner. Bruce Lipton reminds us that “details left out of your description, by default, will be determined by the subconscious mind, which if left to its own devices will list what your believes would be a good relationship.” Our subconscious mind may also lead us to someone because we are rebelling against what our parents or our community tells us is right for us.

Third, it’s difficult to become aware of the programming that is unconscious.

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