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Though i don't think they'd suit at all,even though she is pretty and he is FIT!!As they make me too jealous: P Plus,she always goes for older guys,she should try someone her own age or something for once!!Demetria Devonne Lovato - so sounds the full name of the American movie star and singer Demi Lovato. Demi stayed with her mother and elder sister Dallas. Demi did not know how to stand up for herself and was a victim of bullying and gossip of classmates. At the age of 7, Demi learned to play the piano, and several years later she learned to play the guitar. Demi loved music and singing more, but she became famous after appearing on the screen.The actress participated in the sitcoms of the "Disney" studio. Lovato experienced the cruelty of children so painfully that she even thought about suicide. When Demi Lovato was a teenager, she understood that she had acting talent. The cinematographic biography of Demi Lovato began with the popular children's film "Barney & Friends." On the set of this project, the young actress found her best friend, Selena Gomez., Zander Carlson in Melissa & Joey, and Christopher Wilde in the Disney Channel Original Movie Starstruck.In 2009, Knight played the role of Chad Dylan Cooper, an egotistical and self-centered cast member of Mackenzie Falls and self-proclaimed Hollywood legend in Sonny with a Chance.:) Suck on that sucka fools :) No I think they are just friends but who knows when she and Joe were together which they are not anymore they hid it and she lied about being with Joe so I am to the point though I am still a fan of her where half the things she says I be;lieve are lies..... Both are beutyful, they have a fab-tastic voice and they act so good! But in that image they look just so :( No she isent. I mean Sterlings like super sweet and thats what Demi needs in a guy. And its a good thing she broke up with Joe because he was sooo not her type.

But this artical was written really badly, Its so obviously a fake. just saying, I know Joe & Demi are cute for you guys, buts lets face it, she needs someone better than him, when she grows more and becomes an adult, who knows with who she would end up with, IT' S HER LIFE, let her be & either way she is still awesome wether she dates or not..

I wouldn't make assumptions from just this artical. thats all i got to say No she is not dating trace any more, they dated ages ago but not now.

she admitted in an interview that her and sterling were dating but i dont know if they still are.

She was offered to play in one of the series of the cult "Prison Break." The actress starred along with such popular Hollywood actors as Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller.

The success of the series also affected the popularity of the actors.

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