Sql server newsequentialid error validating the default for column looking for online dating site for men and woman

For example, you cannot execute the following: CREATE TABLE my Table (Column A uniqueidentifier DEFAULT dbo.myfunction(NEWSEQUENTIALID())) ...

When using a Unique Identifier, you would use Row Guid.

a Gap of 2 Guids rolled back and insert into XXX(x) values(1) insert into XXX(x) values(2) insert into XXX(x) values(3) GO insert into XXX(x) values(99999999999999) -- overflow GO insert into XXX(x) values(4) insert into XXX(x) values(5) insert into XXX(x) values(6) go select * from xxx AC613611-CFA3-E111-9E8E-005056C00008 1 AD613611-CFA3-E111-9E8E-005056C00008 2 AE613611-CFA3-E111-9E8E-005056C00008 3 **B0613611-CFA3-E111-9E8E-005056C00008 4** Gap of 1 - overflow failure B1613611-CFA3-E111-9E8E-005056C00008 5 B2613611-CFA3-E111-9E8E-005056C00008 6 NEWSEQUENTIALGUID (as every guid generated in a way that warrant their sequence) includes a part of the Guid calculated via a time stamp.

So if you run the inserts at different time you'll see some gaps.

For example, I have a status field which links to a table with different status values.

Every time a new record is created in the jobs table, I want the status to default to new, which has a guid of 4F1C7212-CC8A-4E92-A4F5-278254185ED9.

I used the Access 2003 upsizing Wiz to migrate to SQL-Server 2005. When editing a table design, I get errors when saving.

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(Build 7601: Service Pack 1) we are using the default of newsequential ID() as the key on some tables and getting the error Error validating the default for column xxx When first saving the table if the value is entered as newsequentialid() the save works but on any subsequent design change I get the error. The value that is in there once its saved shows up as (newsequentialid()) if you change it back to not have the outer parenthesis it saves without issue.

Also, I'm curious as to why you would want to use newsequentialid() when you don't have to.

It has many downsides which newid() does not, and none of the benefits - the biggest being that newid() is not practically predictable, whereas newsequentialid() is.

Or you can use an ALTER TABLE statement to bypass the error and still set the default to newsequentialid(). I guess you're referring to int ID's (also known as identity column) which can have a seed and increment values, which I already have in my current table.

FYI, this is a sample 'uniqueidentifier' value: 41cbbcd0-95fe-4c8f-9985-8b4ee8c5e49c Mike, There you have the answer to my question!

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