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Thank you [email protected] Toolkit, from everyone at St James!

Old Library 135 17/09/2019 A chance for members to get to know members from other years.

Staff love it – and the outcome is great classroom ideas – ‘voted in’ by staff – for your school to roll-out and adapt.

This is a guest post written by Nicky Phillips, after she trialled the idea in her school in Exeter.

As soon as the email and flyers were posted, staff started talking about it!

Conversations about behaviour management, starters, assessment for learning and using apps on devices were being shared – and this was even before the CPD session had started!

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It is definitely worth a go – and you have so little to lose and a lot to gain!

All the resources are ready-made on the [email protected] Toolkit website – even music is suggested to help motivate – and so, before half-term we started to advertise the session.

We asked all teachers to ‘think of an idea they use in the classroom’ which they could share with other teachers (in just 30 seconds)!

Fast-forward – after the CPD session – when normally we see all staff rushing off home, every member of staff started filling out the feedback form and proposing new ideas and winners (they were £50 worth of prizes and this definitely helped).

The feedback was incredible and I have included some of them below.

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