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In the busy world of college — where students rely on instant coffee, fast food and instant messaging — many seem to have less and less time to go on actual dates, and instead turn to the world of speed dating.In just a few minutes, one can “date” many other singles and determine if they would like to set an actual date with these mysterious strangers sitting on the opposite side of the table.James Binnall, an assistant professor of criminal justice at Cal State Long Beach, brings a unique crime-and-punishment perspective to class.The 39-year-old served more than 4½ years in Pennsylvania state prison for a 1999 drunk driving crash that killed his passenger and injured another driver.Though speed dating may not be for everyone, “Rarely will people have a better opportunity to meet eligible singles than on a college campus,” said James Koval, a Cal State Long Beach child development and family studies professor. “I think [speed dating] is exciting and a convenient way for singles to mingle,” said Ritche Fabian, a sophomore business major.“Anyway, it’s just a game; it’s up to the person to take it to the next level.” Other students are overwhelmed with personal fears and decide to find a date some other way.Just 40 percent of employers said they would consider hiring someone with a criminal history.The National Employment Law Project estimates that 70 million people — almost one in three U. adults — have an arrest history that can show up on a background check, whether or not they were convicted.

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“I had an incredible amount of guilt,” Binnall said. He finished his master’s degree in May 2000, but was then charged, convicted and sentenced for the crash. When he left prison, Binnall was on parole for three years, and most universities who accepted him said he had to be off parole before enrolling, except for one.They don’t know what to do,” said Michelle Rodriguez, a senior staff attorney with the National Employment Law Project.“These barriers are serious issues in terms of what it means to have a strong economy,” said Rodriguez.There are students here who have family members who are in the criminal justice system,” he said. I made a mistake when I was a 23-year-old kid, and it cost the life of my best friend.” Binnall, who taught at Georgia’s Savannah Law School before relocating to Long Beach, also told CSULB officials the full story before he was offered the job in the School of Criminology, Criminal Justice and Emergency Management in Dec. Cal State University’s hiring policy requires that a background check, including a criminal records check, be completed before a new hire can be offered a job, according to CSU documents.If the applicant has a conviction, university officials will decide if the criminal act would have any impact on job performance.

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