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Miller and an update on the original Holy Face Billboard Project in Ireland.

Also featured are two new Shroud Museums here in the U. and the possibility of a third one in the foreseeable future.

Sadly, Vern passed away in 2008 and access to his important library of scientific photography has not been available for the past eleven years.

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La datazione della Sacra Sindone: tutto da rifare - - You Tube video of the Catania Conference () - All in Italian language except for Tristan Casabianca's English language presentation at ( - ). - - A Brief Summary of the Catania Meeting (in Italian) - Shroud of Turin, Catania scholars dispute the statistics published in Nature in 1989: "There is no certainty that it is medieval" - English translation courtesy of Joe Marino.

Gilbert Lavoie and Thomas D'Muhala, former president of STURP, the collection has been digitized and an important new website has been created that finally gives everyone access to the Vern Miller photographs.

The site is named and provides access to his black and white photographs, his color transparencies and negatives, the ultraviolet fluorescence and reflectance photographs he made and much more. Lavoie and Tom for taking the the time and effort to make this important Shroud resource available to everyone.

A statistical analysis of the Nature article and the raw data strongly suggests that homogeneity is lacking in the data and that the procedure should be reconsidered." Needless to say, the arrival of this paper has been long awaited by Shroud scholars around the world since it provides the first real look at what is essentially, brand new data (the first in almost 30 years). The starting point will be our article in ." Here is a link to the University web site for a detailed presentation (in Italian): La datazione della Sacra Sindone: tutto da rifare.

Unfortunately, the paper itself is currently behind a pay wall which might make it difficult for many to read it so I am quoting the last few sentences here: "The statistical analyses, supported by the foreign material found by the laboratories, show the necessity of a new radiocarbon dating to compute a new reliable interval. On May 23, 2019, the meeting was successfully held in Catania, news of which generated considerable media attention.

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