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Well, the ultimate way to test out your language is to try and make up your own pick-up lines.Constructing complex sentences, thinking of puns and trying to make it all sound natural doesn’t come easy.You could just sit down with a list of pick-up lines and try to commit them to memory, but you’ll get bored super quickly!

So, all you need is to choose the desirable category of pick-up lines, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Any scenario that involves meeting new people can easily incorporate a few pick-up lines!

Once you’re quite comfortable with German pick-up lines—and if you’re feeling fairly brave—you can try and test them out on German dating websites.

Both clauses in this sentence use the perfect tense. In this list’s first example, we saw formal German being put to use.

You can see this because two past participles have been used: (to make) gets sent to the end of the clause. Here is an example of informal German—as the speaker probably knows who they’re speaking to, so they use (you).

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