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Cutthroat and rainbow trout are native to western North America.

Historically, cutthroat trout were the more broadly distributed species (Behnke 1979, 1992), but in recent years they have been replaced by rainbow trout or other introduced species in many parts of their range.

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The distribution of coastal cutthroat trout is greater than for any other cutthroat trout subspecies.

Life-History Forms of Coastal Cutthroat Trout The life history of coastal cutthroat trout is probably the most complex and flexible of any Pacific salmonid (Johnston and Mercer 1976; Johnston 1981; Trotter 1987, 1989).

Partly because of their subordinate behavior to other salmonids, cutthroat trout have evolved to exploit habitats least preferred by these other species (Johnston 1981).

The eastern range appears to be bounded by the Cascade Mountain Range in California, Oregon, and Washington and by the Coast Range in British Columbia and southeast Alaska (Fig. As pointed out by Trotter (1989) and Trotter et al.

(1993), this range coincides closely with the coastal temperate rain forest belt defined by Waring and Franklin (1979), and even when the fish have access beyond the coastal rainforest, such as in the Columbia River, they penetrate only a limited distance (Sumner 1972; Trotter 1987, 1989).

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