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But in an exclusive interview with Buzz Feed News, Kigwangalla said he expected anal testing to become routine.“People will be arrested if there is information that people are indulging themselves in unnatural sexual activities. Earlier this year, he scheduled a press conference at which he promised to release the names of LGBT Tanzanians; he abruptly canceled.

“I was targeting only those who were promoting homosexuality,” he told Buzz Feed News.

At a bar across the road, Mudathir was celebrating his 19th birthday with about a dozen friends.

Men were swaying their hips and twirling their arms to live taarab, a soulful orchestra-backed Swahili music, when a group of police officers approached them.

But now the Tanzanian government is getting aggressive. (Buzz Feed News spoke to four of them and is using only their first names to protect their identities.) Government ministers have threatened to release lists of LGBT people across Tanzania, and health workers say it’s begun interfering with HIV prevention and treatment.

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But “speaking as a medical practitioner, I say yes, one can be examined physically for whether he has engaged in sexual activities unnaturally.”Only eight countries in the world use anal testing, according to a Human Rights Watch report, and until December, Tanzania was not one of them. “This is a country with laws.” Kigwangalla frequently takes to Twitter to say that gay people will be rounded up and arrested — and to occasionally swat away allegations of prejudice.

The officers were wearing street clothes and, unexpectedly, spoke with mainland accents.

“There were a lot of men there [in the club] apart from us, but the police were being shown who to arrest: that one, this one, just like that,” said Khamis, one of the birthday guests.

The case against them remains open, which means they must make regular trips to the police station. But the real damage to men like Khamis was done in the exam room.

The test felt like a violation, and he was afraid that it might in fact “prove” he was gay.

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