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Then, once the individual is hired, she/he must complete several hours of online and in-person training.To learn more about the specific hiring and training requirements of each program or service please call 952.852.0101.We are honored to serve you, your family and greater community with life-changing experiences.Thank you for choosing True Friends for your next adventure.Our process to hire staff begins with partnering with reputable local, national, and international organizations to find individuals best suited for the settings in which we provide services.

Due to federal regulations neither, medical cannabis or synthetic THC is allowed on True Friends property. Our program provides opportunities to develop an appreciation of nature, live cooperatively with others, share in the responsibilities of group living, develop new leisure interests, experience traditional camp activities and have fun!

To all of you who had the opportunity to share the 2018 summer experience with us – THANK YOU for a great summer!

At the end of each camp session, we send out a survey asking for feedback on camper and caregiver experiences.

Information is available on this site using the links in the directory on at the bottom of this County Parks and Recreation Department is an equal opportunity agency and will neither exclude nor discriminate with regard to services, programs, and activities regardless of race, color, religion, disability, sex, age, national origin, ancestry, marital status, familial status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.​​​​We are looking for summer camp counselors!

Camp at True Friends provides individuals the opportunity to explore their interests, build confidence, enhance self-esteem and meet new friends, all while having a blast enjoying the Minnesota summer.

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