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Filled with bawdy humor and fun performances, Rules of Dating is one romantic comedy that's not afraid to break all the rules!

Synopsis Lee Yoo-rim is a high school English teacher. She's cynical and always plays hard-to-get when a man shows interest in her. - Post only in English, as this is an English language community.

she had early on admitted hers by telling her fiance the truth.

wonderful film despite the sex scenes tho i guess it was necessary to describe how each felt for each other...i think : P Very good film that is set up as a typical K romance/comedy, but is at its heart a well thought out film dealing with relationships, gender inequalities, sexual harassment and invasion of privacy issues.

During her first day on the job, English teacher Lee Yoo-Rim (Park Hae-Il) hits on her in a very brash manner.

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Questionable things that Lim did to Choi; nearly raped her, repeatedly propositions Choi even though she has a fiance, uses his authority at work to try to get Choi to go out with him, goes through all of Choi’s personal items the first time he is left alone in her apartment. Well in the same way that Choi’s choice of words, when confronted by investigators, skewed their view of what happened between them, listing these negative facts about Lim gives the same type of skewed impression of that person.His wandering eye relates to his beliefs about true love: for him, there is no such thing.In his view, dating is meant solely for sexual gratification.i'am surprised at the wrong perceptions people review the film after watching it myself.the film is about sexual harrasment and its effects on a beautiful student portrayed by KHJ.

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