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The first time they spoke on Skype they talked for three hours, and they’ve been a part of each others lives ever since.“We were immediately comfortable with each other,” Samantha told Cosmopolitan. She'll text me and be like, "I want to drink my tea but it's too hot," you know?And Anaïs says she feels like she was looking for her twin all her life.

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Siblings Elyse Schein and Paula Bernstein have the experience that warrants Dr Phil’s words of caution.

But though tales of adoptive reunions are incredible, a chance meeting is only the beginning of the family story, not the ending.

The relationships formed after adopted siblings discover each other can be extremely emotional, and aren’t necessarily straightforward.

I needed that comfort, I guess.” But not everyone finds the process of discovery a sibling to be quite so seamless.

Psychologist Dr Phil urges caution for those who find a biological sibling, and warns that planning is advisable before the first meeting.

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