Rails schema not updating cara buono dating

Basically, it’s almost the same question I had before writing this post.

If you are still not convinced, you can check this question on Stack Overflow.

The up method included the the logic of what to change in the database, while the down method included the logic on how to revert that change.

Using the change method, one only needs to specify the up logic for the majority of use cases.

Rails introduces a domain specific language for writing database instructions.

So, whatever, if you don’t want to It looks fine, except for one thing: there’s no data displayed!

As I have worked with a few teams, it is worth calling out some issues and learnings about how to help avoid some issues.

At Offgrid Electric, we have shared github wikis with documentation, process, and policies.

It’s way too labourious, I know, but the truth is that we just can’t efficiently automate a process like this, because: what if we generate more migrations during the journey?

As you work with a growing team and codebase, occasionally database changes will cause some surprises and issues during deploys.

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