Punkbuster not updating bf3

You’ll be able to connect to Punk Buster-enabled servers once again after you’ve installed it.

l have this annoying Pnk Bstr message: You have been kicked by Punkbuster.

You can always head to the official Punk Buster download page to download and install it on your system in the future.

If Punk Buster notices anything suspicious, the Punk Buster-enabled servers can ban you.

You will sometimes receive a warning, but you could also be permanently banned based on the CD key of the game you’re playing or the hardware details of the PC you’re playing it on.

And if you will be kicked by Punk Buster again, then please write here the PB error message. I tried every single solution on the forums and i reinstalled more than 15 times, stopped the firewall, services and re start them but with nothing.

while replaying to u i found the solution which is more complicated than just update or reinstall Punkbuste which is found here : "You need to manually delete every instance of PB and it's found here Windows\system32 OR sys WOW64 - whatever OS you are using. I'm using 64bit and these are the entries I have Pnk Bstr A Pnk Bstr B.ex0 Pnk Bstr BI also found PB living here:-System32\Log Files\Punk Buster A & BGo to:-Origin Games\BF4 Remove directory PBGo to:-Users\yourname\App Data\local\ Remove PB directory Download from that and select uninstall. [Am not working for EA, If is answer good pls give me XP or accept as solution.] Thanks for using ANSWERS HQ!

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