Pcanywhere error updating record block

This indicates that either the Cable CARD is not initializing correctly, or is not getting an out of band connection.

Check to make sure that signal is present on the cable line you are using.

If you are on the main wireless network, please instead try a wired connection.

If the wired connection works but wireless does not, then the most likely cause is your router blocking certain kinds of network traffic.

Windows 8 does not include an MPEG2 video decoder, which is needed in order to see TV.

You either need to add Windows Media Center, which includes Microsoft’s decoder, or else install a separate decoder.

For first/second generation HDHome Run devices (HDHR-US, HDHR-T1-US, HDHR-EU), the network LED is the leftmost of the ones in the window.The channel list in Quick TV is based on the channel names entered in HDHome Run Setup.If a channel does not have a name entered, it will not show in the list.Either the ffdshow audio decoder, or Direct Vob Sub.If ffdshow is installed, go into the Audio decoder configuration program (search for it on the Start menu/screen), click on Mixer on the left side, set Output speakers configuration to 2/0/0 – stereo, then check the box next to Mixer on the left side, and click OK. If Direct Vob Sub is installed, it will show up in the system tray or hidden icons area (in the bottom corner next to the clock) as an icon labeled Vob Sub or Direct Vob Sub.

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