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He begs for her life and they make it out of the scuffle together — only after he gets shot in the chest and survives.Click To Watch Here Bernie Mac, rest his soul, plays the hilarious father of Zoe Saldana, who brings home her boyfriend Ashton Kutcher for the first time.Will Smith and Eva Mendes are totally adorable in this romcom about a guy whose career is to help men find companionship through a foolproof formula but — surprise!— learns that there’s a lot more to love than a set of rules.Click To Watch Here Will Smith is at it again, this time with Margot Robbie, the bombshell from The Wolf Of Wall Street.They’re both conartists who fall for each other and get themselves into a heap of trouble.(Don't worry — there's a happy ending.)Click To Watch Here OK, so this film didn’t exactly receive high critical acclaim (in fact, it was nominated for Worst Movie in 1992), but dysfunctional stuff aside, the passionate relationship between the characters of Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner never fails to elicit emotion.

Here are my top 10 picks for charming movies starring people of different ethnicities.Also, don’t forget the lovable “I’m slappin’ the bass! Click To Watch Here Six months into their pregnancy, Maya Rudolph and John Krasinski visit various friends and family who have children, and find out they’re all unhappy and a bit crazy — remember the stroller incident?They go on a search to find a home where they can happily raise their child, and the result is a truly moving, funny, and poignant film.Click To Watch Here Jennifer Lopez’s somewhat neurotic antics are lovable enough to steal the attention of Matthew Mc Conaughey, the groom of the biggest wedding of her career.They flirt and make cute M&M jokes to each other (“I only eat the brown ones”), and he breaks up, gracefully, with his fiancé seconds before the ceremony in order to sweep Lopez off her feet in a crowded park.

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