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Karitoki began to suspect that Pania was homesick for her people and he became concerned that he might lose her and his son to the sea.He consulted a tohunga (high priest) who told him to place cooked food upon the mother and child, as this would take away Pania’s powers and bind her to the land.Their venues include Haiku Jam (Bandra), Doolally (Khar), and Leaping Windows (Versova).Grin Revolution’s shows are known for being cosy and intimate, and usually have stellar lineups.If you’re lucky, you could be one of the six people (three male, and three female) who are selected at random.

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Pania was said to be a beautiful maiden who belonged to the ocean.

Also, watch out for —a show in which Desai and Das recite the “95% true” tale of how they fell in love.

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These five producers’ events aren’t always pure open-mics, in that not just anyone can drop in and get stage time.

There’s an element of curation to them, and you need to work your way into the circles and convince people that you’re both talented and committed, and deserve a chance.

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