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Two to six (p219-20): "[T]he mother, in addition to masturbating her son, shows a lively interest in the erotic pleasures which her daughter derives from her body and takes a certain pride in the fact that this instinct is developing in her children.Both parents nevertheless try to avoid having the children observe the sexual activities of the adults, and since these are carried out almost solely at night and outside the house, the children evidently do not have any occasion to learn about them.The subjects own sexual education, her mother's repressive attitudes, the punitive attitudes of the Catholic Church and Catholic schools, her own developing sexuality, her sexual activities as a young adult, and her interactions with her children are discussed. Also Progress Report, 2000, p30-8; First two years: "From the first days of their lives, the sexual organs of the babies are covered carefully, and every day the mother repeats this act very demonstratively, drawing the cloths of the clothing between the child's legs.studied the sexual attitudes and knowledge of female teachers in government and private preschool institutions in Barranquilla, Colombia. Constant threats accompany the children in this regard during the first two years: "Hide your penis because an animal will eat it up!

At times they may have heard an obscene word or seen a suggestive gesture, but their imagination in this regard is based principally on the fragments of songs and myths which they have heard in the ceremonial house.(1997) Reflexiones sobre la sexualidad femenina, Rev Psicoanal 54,7-48. (1990) Narcisismo, autoerotismo, simbiosis e incesto. Su conexion con las dos formas de relacion objetal en los primeros anos de vida, Rev Psicoanal 47,5-8; Aberastury, A.(1970) [The importance of genital organization in the initiation of the early Oedipus complex], Rev Psicoanal 27,1:5-25] report of a Catholic woman's development of awareness and acceptance of her children's sexuality. Online ed.; CRLP (1997) Women of the World: Laws and Policies Affecting Their Reproductive Lives: Latin America and the Caribbean, p69-90.Subjects completed a sexual attitudes and knowledge inventory, and mean scores for various groups were compared [Colombia, in Francoeur, R. (chief) The International Encyclopedia of Sexuality. " is said to male children, and "Cover yourself, because a snake will get into you! It is daily repeated to boys that it is the toad that will eat or bite this organ, and little girls are told that the aggressive animal is the snake or the "worm".When one mentions the word "toad" or "snake" in front of children about two years old, they always react with a rapid movement of the hands toward the genital region" [see also p283-4].

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