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As I strolled out of the optical store and down the city streets, I felt my confidence start to sink with the onset of the feeling that I had turned invisible.

Nobody glanced twice at me: not the construction workers on the sidewalk, nor the group of finance guys standing outside of the overpriced, douchy financial district hotspot, or the hot little hipster behind me at the bank.

Here I was acting all horrified by a pair of Tory Burch glasses on my face. How was I going to handle the inevitable fading of my youth and looks if I couldn’t even handle wearing a pair of glasses for a week?

The thing is, the whole experience got me thinking. I have yet to get Botox or any sort of work done, but I’m sure I will. It’s something I’ve known I’ve wanted to do forever, and something a growing number of my far-from-plastic girlfriends have done.

I walked into my local coffee shop, where I often spend hours on end.

The barista (who I’ve shared dating horror stories and career banter alike with) didn’t even recognize me at first.

A few weeks back, I was having major issues with my eyes thanks, in part, to a complete overuse of my contact lenses.

His younger brother George Wells gained employment in 1864.

This picture is a reproduction copied from an original pair of eye glasses dating back to the mid-1400’s.1285-1289– Most historians believe monks or craftsmen in Pisa (or perhaps Venice), Italy produced the first form of eyeglasses/ The magnifying lenses for reading were set into bone, metal, or leather mountings, shaped like two small magnifying glasses with the handles riveted together to form an inverted “V” shape that could be balanced on the Bridge The part of eyeglass frames located between the lenses.

In most frames, the bridge connects the rims that hold the lenses in place.

When he did – and I kid you not – he gave me a look of mild horror as he not so discreetly exclaimed, “Wow, you look really different.” And I felt different. I would only wear the glasses when my makeup was done and my hair was up.

For the first time in my entire life since the onset of puberty, I felt visually displeasing. But it didn’t make a difference in the whole ‘noticeability’ department. Not even my concierge while I was on the way back in from grabbing coffee (seriously, I took the side door in).

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