Naomi scott and dean geyer dating

In 2004, Dean Geyer formed a band called "Third Edge" and recorded his original music at Studio 52.Studio 52 then permitted Dean and his band to perform at the Kool Skools awards night, but they only received a nomination.In the weeks leading up to the final of Australian Idol 2006, Geyer was selected by both Mark Holden and former Idol judge Ian Dickson as their favorites for winning the competition.On 12 November, Dean received a Touchdown from Mark Holden after his performance of Edward Mc Cain's "I'll Be".Geyer's performance of Ryan Cabrera's "On the Way Down" on 15 October received a "touchdown" from judge Mark Holden.His Disco performance in the Final 8 of "Turn the Beat Around" included a front handspring by Dean off the side of the stage, and a backflip at the end of the performance.

Geyer's interest in music started early in his childhood.Despite a series favorite, Geyer left the series during the first half of 2009 to concentrate on his music career.In June 2010, Dean was announced to make his film debut in the action drama film, Never Back Down 2.He learned to play the guitar, and wrote his first song entitled "Change" which was based on his move from South Africa to Australia.At his Australian Idol audition, he played a self-composed song called "Nice to Meet You".

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