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The impact was so great that Puthuvamkunnath's boat was split in two.Aside from the probation, Aquilone will also be made to serve the community for 250 hours.A jury rejected a negligence lawsuit brought by Katherine Jackson, the mother of Michael Jackson, against AEG Live LLC, the This is It concerts promoter of the King of Pop.Katherine Jackson's lawyers claimed that the promoter erred when it failed to verify if Dr.--Jon Ridinger (talk) , 27 August 2009 (UTC)Additionally, the "citations" merely proved that those private schools have students from the Stow-Munroe Falls City Schools, not necessarily from Munroe Falls itself.Remember, this article is about the city of Munroe Falls, not the schools.Morrow said he was sorry that the teenager was hurt because of what he did.

Keheley then relocated to Austin but promised to finish the application. Denver criminal lawyer Laurie Schmidt, who defended for Keheley, said that what happened was a business dispute.I have been deleting a paragraph listing private schools outside of Munroe Falls.The paragraph does nothing to describe Munroe Falls itself.Schmidt added that Keheley had no intention of running away from giving back the money that he received as evidenced by emails showing his intention to pay the money back.David Morrow, who used to be the deputy of the Adams County, has been handed a five-year prison sentence for punching a teenager who was strapped to a gurney.

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