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Also in 2009 MTS started marketing MTS-branded mobile handsets.Already in 2010 MTS became the 5th best selling handset brand in Russia, after Nokia, Samsung, LG and Sony Ericsson.On 25 July 2012, MTS signed an agreement with the Turkmen Telecom enterprise of Ministry of Communications of Turkmenistan which says that MTS Turkmenistan will on a monthly basis pay to Turkmen Telecom 30% of its net profit derived from operations in Turkmenistan.This agreement is for five years and may be extended another five years subject to some conditions.The company has also been granted GSM and 3G licenses for a three-year term.MTS Turkmenistan in September 2017 faced termination of the permit to use the dedicated radio frequency spectrum and some other required resources, the provision of communication services to subscribers in Turkmenistan was suspended.

In November 2013 MTS completely switched to digital TV by connecting new subscribers, ending the connection to analogue television.In August 2012, the government of Uzbekistan revoked the company's operating license and arrested several of its top management, citing repeated regulatory violations.MTS protested the action as a "shakedown", but was unable to effectively oppose it, and moved to write down its stake.During 2012-2013, MTS deployed FTTB network in nearly twenty new cities of the Far East, Siberia, Central, Volga and Ural federal districts.In 2012, MTS launched in all the cities where the DTV signal standard DVB-C, and in December 2013 a project to provide fixed telephony services to the mass market in the regions.

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