Mobile nude dating sim

Adult dating sim/puzzle game Hunie Pop has a lot to answer for.Released on PC in 2015, it reinvented the match-3 genre in an incredibly clever way - and also featured a ton of cartoon porn, if you didn't already know.There's occasional choices to make in the dialogue, but for the most part you're being dragged along from mystery to mystery, stopping only to (mentally) remove some clothes.The match-3 puzzle segments are pretty straight-forward, but offer a neat twist on the usual formula.But there's nothing offensively wrong with Kotodama.It's a bit of light frivolity mixed with some messed-up storylines, and you're not going to come away disappointed from it.

Jobs […] Posted in Downloads Tags: Cunnilingus, Dating sim, Doggy, Foreigner Heroine, genius heroine, ghost heroine, male protagonist, miko heroine, More Than Seven Heroines, Past Setting in a Fictional World, Sexual Content, twin tail heroine, Waitress Heroine, Yamato Nadeshiko 160 Comments » At the beginning of the true love game, you must name your character and choose what type of guy is he: Normal, Intellectual, Sports Guy, and Playboy.

Fill the happy meter up enough and you'll start to strip your opponent, though there's no full-on nudity here.

Instead, you'll briefly see them in their briefs, there's a close up on their shoulders when you win, and you're back in the real world. And even if you do remember to save, sometimes your entire save file gets corrupted, so what the hell was the point in anything anyway? There are a few grammatical errors dotted throughout the text to boot, and some sentences straight up don't make sense in their given context, which can spoil the experience at times.

Kotodama sees your character, a faceless newbie at Fujisawa Academy, getting swept up in the titular 7 Mysteries, a collection of tall tales plaguing the campus which all have a hint of truth to them.

You need to chat with people, uncover clues, and eventually confront each chapter's antagonist by literally stripping them naked (in your mind, thank God) so they'll uncover the truth to you.

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