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When funding is low, class sizes often increase, which impacts instructional curriculum, supplemental curriculum, technology, and various instructional and extracurricular programs.

Enrichment programs are cut, supply budgets are limited, and teachers have to get creative.

This overemphasis has caused many teachers to shift their overall approach to teaching to a focus directly on these tests.

This not only takes away from creativity and limits the scope of what is taught but can also quickly create teacher burnout and put excess pressure on the teachers to have their students perform well.

These challenges can lead to students failing and/or dropping out of school.

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When faced with poverty, a lack a supervision, stressful and unstable home lives, and even parents who aren't present, students have to overcome numerous hurdles to even make it school, never mind succeed.No matter what type of school you're talking about, teachers have to deal with a wide range of student needs, but public schools may struggle the most here.While private schools are able to select their students based on an application and assessment of the best fit for the school and community, public schools in the United States are required to take every student.As a result, standardized testing can be an ineffective method of assessment.While some teachers are completely against standardized testing, others tell you that they don’t have a problem with the standardized tests themselves but with how the results are interpreted and used.

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