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In his excitement over getting the part of Jim, he traveled to the show's real-life setting of Scranton, Pennsylvania, camcorder in hand.Upon his return, he offered his footage to Greg Daniels, thinking it might make helpful research material.

According to Krasinski himself, he was the last of seven people to audition.

He kicked things off by attending Brown University, where he studied theater arts and graduated as a playwright.

From there he went on to train at the National Theater Institute in Waterford, Connecticut, following that up with bouts spent studying at none other than the Royal Shakespeare Company in merry old England, as well as the Actors Center in New York City.

Krasinski, who would grow up to be a whopping 6' 3" tall, was the runt of the family, coming in at a roughly half a foot shorter than his two older brothers.

He attended Newton South High School, after which he took a brief hiatus to spend six months in Costa Rica working on his Spanish and teaching English.

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