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Online dating will be even trickier as you literally know nuts about the person and anyone can just misrepresent themselves and lie and you’d be head over heels. If he tells you, that he is the most trustworthy, the nicest man in the world…!

I’m really surprised at how some people just don’t ask their new partners questions.It means very little when the both of you like unwinding to Friends and watching musicals but you prefer monogamy and he’s aye-okay stringing 10 women along at once.I know some people who get hung up on “types” or will select partners based on these attributes: physical attractiveness, height, status, wealth, good education, size of the house he’s living in, car he is driving and completely fail to see that this person does not share their values and you will never be happy together.I had this experience once of getting myself too emotionally invested in someone, then finding out things about him that was pretty appalling for me at that time. When you constantly put yourself out there to meet new people, you are exposing yourself to different values, perspectives, thought patterns and personalities. It can be a vulnerable experience and can leave you feeling quite exposed.Instead of leaving, I justified it constantly (and even criticised myself for being so narrow-minded) despite alarm bells ringing all over the place. But, this is absolutely the right time to exercise your self-respect and exert your boundaries.

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