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The two are also accompanied by Brook Soso, who asks for drugs to help her cope with her grief after the loss of Poussey.

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Additionally, Lorna also blames her lust for her on her uncontrollable hormones.Lorna soon arrives, describing that she’s been having sex dreams in which she is riding a whale in the ocean.As Nicky cuts her off, she then begs to have sex with her, stating that she’s serious and has missed her so much.Nicky kisses her and they agree “what happens in the riot, stays in the riot.” The two later meet in the canteen and Nicky suspects that Lorna only came to express her ongoing commitment to Vinnie.Much to her surprise, Lorna reveals that she believes she is pregnant upon noticing while having sex, that her nipples have changed colour which is a typical sign of pregnancy for the women in her family.

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