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Mental health counselor Stacey Brown emphasizes how much a husband’s input really means to her emotional health."In my experience over the years, I can say that women tend to cheat in intimate relationships when they no longer feel valued.Yesterday, I was listening to David, who has been such a chatterbox lately - he's gotten maddening, honestly.Like any kid with autism, he's got a lot of repetitive behaviors, and one of his is something they call echolalia.Michèle Binswanger is a Swiss journalist and author of Cheating: A Handbook for Women.She believes that women have the same biological urges as men but with more sensitivity involved.of bad movies and salivating over every semi-steamy scene" kind of lonely.I've felt this way from time to time since Peter left, but these last few weeks it's been acute.

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Perel argues that an affair can spark because of a missing element in a person’s deeper identity. “I could be in a very good relationship with you, and love our life, but then something else might appear that connects with something inside of me that has nothing to do with us.

The truth is, though, that I'm not getting any younger, and at this rate, I'll be lucky if we finalize the divorce before I'm ninety. But I feel like my baggage takes up freight cars, and not a lot of guys will want to cross those tracks. How do you get past thinking of yourself as someone's potential problem?

Then I get to date and hope some guy out there who likes a forty-something woman and can deal with my crazy-making chatterbox autistic boy, my overwhelming pile of debt, my trust issues and whatever else rears it's ugly head to make the process even more difficult. And it makes me feel even lonlier to think that way.

Of course, all that doesn't include any special issues my dream guy might have in tow, as well.

With quite likely the largest selection of lonely wives in the solar system: Ashley Madison® provides a discreet platform for connecting! Right now, there could be women in your neighborhood who are longing for newfound joy and connection in their day-to-day lives, but they have no outlet for expressing this loneliness or creating a bond because of their circumstances.

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